Aurora Wireless is a veteran Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) solutions provider with a special focus on the rural populace. The throbbing fact that 1.2 billion people do not have access to ICT solutions and services spurred the formation of the company some few years ago. Aurora Wireless realizes that almost all of this unprivileged populace live in the rural area. Hence the companies keen interest to serve the rural area.
Equipped with an avalanche of highly skilled professionals in the field and endowed with numerous germane partners, we put our clients minds completely at rest by continually meeting and exceeding their varied expectations. Whether it is in the basic provision of solar compliant ICT hardware or advanced software deployments,We strive with passion to deliver each ICT solution in a way that tightly integrates with the clients overall business strategy.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Aurora Wireless the ideal choice for provision of your ICT solutions. In a nutshell, we are an integral part of the pragmatic efforts to transform the Afric’s ICT dreams into reality.

Subject is a limited liability company, and its internal ultimate authority is the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is held exclusively responsible for daily management. The main departments include the Adminisrative Department, Operations Department, Marketing Department and Finance Department.

To be a formidable and responsible IT company that deliver innovative and creative products and projects cost effectively and professionally while prioritizing localization.
By building purposeful partnership with competent IT and Telecom Companies while designing user-frie ndly, environmentally friendly and above all truly local (grass root) ICT projects.

PHILOSOPHY (The Aurora way)
It’s all about the client. As an organization that is quite keen to serve the rural or African populace, “tropicalization” of the ICT solutions becomes an indispensable factor in consideration. We simply deploy ICT solutions that are tightly harnessed into the overall business policy of our clients. To serve Africa’s ICT needs well, suggested solutions must be tailored to suit the African terrain. They equally must be affordable and then easily sustainable with a zero cost of maintenance where possible. We deploy our ICT solutions with all the above points in mind. Our international partnerships come in really handy here as we benefit immensely from the extensive research and development (R&D) carried out by our Silicon Valley allies in this regard.